Food Pairings

Discover the art of perfect pairings with our expertly curated wine collections, designed to complement your favourite dishes. Whether you're indulging in succulent meats, enjoying delicate poultry, savouring fresh fish, embracing vibrant vegetarian dishes, or diving into decadent desserts, we have the ideal wine to elevate every meal.

From starters to sweet finales, use our guides to find wines which will complement and enrich your culinary experience. Can't find what you need? Get in touch our visit one of our shops and our team of wine experts will be happy to help.

Meat Dishes

Whether you're serving a classic beef steak, a tender pork loin, or a savoury lamb roast, we have the ideal wine to complement each bite. From robust reds that perfectly match the intensity of beef, to smooth blends that enhance the subtle flavours of pork, to bold bottles that stand up to the rich taste of lamb.

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Poultry Dishes

From classic roast chicken to rich game meats, our wine choices are tailored to enhance each flavour profile. Enjoy a crisp white wine or a light-bodied red with chicken dishes, with pairings that complement without overpowering. For the deeper, more intense flavours of game meats try bold and earthy reds.

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Fish Dishes

Fish can be a challenge to pair - but not with our easy recommendations. And yes, you can have red wines with fish too! Whether you're enjoying the light and subtle taste of seabass, the rich texture of turbot, the flaky goodness of cod, or the bold flavours of salmon, we have the perfect wine to complement each dish.


Starters and Canapes

Start your meal with an ideal wine accompaniment. From the rich flavours of terrines, the luxurious taste of caviar, the delicate sweetness of scallops, or the vibrant freshness of bruschetta, we have the ideal wine to complement your dish.

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Discover the perfect wine to pair with your vegetarian and vegan dishes. For dishes rich in earthy flavours like mushroom risottos or roasted root vegetables, our robust reds provide a beautiful balance. Lighter dishes, such as grilled vegetables or delicate tofu recipes, pair wonderfully with refreshing whites.

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For chocolate desserts, explore our selection of fortified wines like Port or a lush dessert wine that can stand up to the deep, luxurious flavours of chocolate. For lighter, fruit-based desserts, consider a Moscato d'Asti or a sparkling Prosecco to add a refreshing effervescence that cleanses the palate and enhances the fruit flavours.

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