Tromba Tequila Anejo

Tromba Tequila Anejo

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  • Type: Tequila
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Country: Mexico
  • Region: Jalisco
  • Subregion: Los Altos de Jalisco
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Tequila Tromba is the brainchild of master distiller Marco Cedano, a product that embodies a steadfast dedication to tradition and innovation. Hailing from the nutrient-rich highlands of Los Altos, Jalisco, Tromba delivers a premium tequila characterized by vibrant floral and fruity notes. Each agave is individually selected at the San Agustin Distillery, where old world artisanship is combined with experimental techniques. Tromba stands as a symbol of the life-giving Mexican summer rainstorm - a harbinger of change, and a celebration of the independent spirit. A perfect blend of the past and future, designed for the discerning and growing base of tequila aficionados worldwide.


Tromba Añejo, deep gold in colour, is a tequila imbued with opulence and complexity. Aged for 20-24 months in white oak barrels, it presents a bouquet of agave flavours that is a harmony of subtlety and richness. Expect a journey through the indulgence of cherry syrup and a medley of red fruits, along with the comforting allure of chocolate and soft cacao bitters. Notes of apple, peach, and warm vanilla essence unfold, merging seamlessly with the sweetness of caramelized aniseed and a touch of almonds. It finishes with a sophisticated, honeyed grace, making Tromba Añejo an unforgettable tasting experience.


Tequila Tromba is a testament to the relentless spirit of its master distiller Marco Cedano. Transcending convention, Tromba mirrors the energy of the summer rainstorms of Los Altos, an area known for its superior agave. Each sip is an expression of Marco's unwavering dedication to craft, precision, and his own trailblazing journey in tequila making. The brand not only offers premium tequila but takes a bold stance towards environmental responsibility. The Endangered Agave Program is their commitment to restoring endangered agave populations, and their innovative Bagazo upcycling initiative is a step towards reducing environmental impact. Tromba embodies quality, heritage, and sustainability.


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