Ron Carupano, Reserva 21 Privada Rum

Ron Carupano, Reserva 21 Privada Rum

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  • Type: Rum
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Country: Venezuela
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Originating from the Macarapana Valley, Ron Carúpano captures the spirit and tradition of over 260 years of Venezuelan rum craftsmanship. Beyond a mere beverage, Ron Carúpano offers a profound exploration into the heart of Venezuela's rich heritage, taking you on a journey through the humid Hacienda Altamira to the tranquil waters of the Chuare River.


Dark amber in hue, embellished with gold and orange hints, presenting a robust and pleasant alcohol aroma complemented by macerated red fruits, raisins, dates, coconut, orange peel, tonka beans, wood, dried fruits, cinnamon, and mocha. Its thick, strong flavour profile is both complex and elegant, reminiscent of macerated fruits, coconut, tobacco, and dark chocolate.


Best experienced in a short glass on the rocks, accompanied by a slice of orange.

Ron Carupano 21 Reserva Privada

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