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Foursquare Rum Distillery, Doorly’s 14 Year Old Rum

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  • Type: Rum
  • Alcohol: 48%
  • Country: Barbados
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Registered in 1908 as Martin Doorly & Co., the Doorly’s brand has a long history in the trade. It was the first rum to be exported from Barbados pre-bottled, rather than in cask, giving the brand greater quality control. In 1993 the brand was acquired by RL Seale & Company, owners of Foursquare Distillery, and has since become their export label, retaining the brightly coloured macaws that have featured on Doorly’s bottles since the brand was founded.

Initial nail varnish and wood resin give way quickly to red apple fruit, savoury treacle and orange blossom aromas; bright, and not too aggressive, despite the 48% abv. The palate is hefty, oak-driven, with cinnamon, dark chocolate, black pepper and a notable hint of stewed raisins from the small portion which was finished in ex-Madeira casks. The finish is delightful, lingering with vanilla and orange-peel. A magnificent rum, with a wonderfully rewarding, complex character.

Superb when enjoyed neat; a drop of water will allow the flavours to further express themselves. The rum is sufficiently robust to stand being served on the rocks, and will have a spectacularly positive influence on a cocktail, but it is best treated as a sipping rum, for savoured enjoyment.

Foursquare (unlike most rum producers) apply many of the terminologies and rules of single-malt whisky to their rums. As a result, the age-statement given is the age of the youngest spirit in the bottle (14 years), and no sugar, sweetener or flavouring agents are added. The rum is all distilled at the Foursquare Distillery, but is considered a blended rum because it comes from both column and pot stills. Caramel colourant is the only addition, in deference to consumer expectations.

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