Ron Carupano, Reserva 18 Limitada Rum

Ron Carupano, Reserva 18 Limitada Rum

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  • Type: Rum
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Country: Venezuela
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Originating from the Macarapana Valley, Ron Carúpano captures the spirit and tradition of over 260 years of Venezuelan rum craftsmanship. Beyond a mere beverage, Ron Carúpano offers a profound exploration into the heart of Venezuela's rich heritage, taking you on a journey through the humid Hacienda Altamira to the tranquil waters of the Chuare River.


This rum showcases a beautiful amber colour illuminated with golden sparkles. It releases delicate aromas of candied fruits, subtle notes of wood, almonds, and honey. The palate is greeted with a vigorous opening, a firm and balanced body, and concludes with a pleasurable persistence of figs and chocolate notes.


Ideal in a short glass, served on the rocks. Also goes well in cocktails such the Old Fashioned or the Rum Manhattan.

Ron Carupano 18 Reserva Limitada

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