Eto Decanter - Copper Mirror finish

Eto Decanter - Copper Mirror finish

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If you're looking for an award-winning wine preservation system, look no further than the ETO Decanter. The elegant design houses a unique and innovative technology that seals out oxygen to preserve your wine's full flavour, ensuring that you can enjoy your favourite bottle whenever you choose.

With the ETO Decanter, you'll never have to worry about wasted wine or the loss of flavour due to oxidation. Our system is expertly designed to preserve the integrity of your wine, so you can enjoy it to the last drop.


Tom Cotton, a British designer and inventor with a passion for wine and the environment, noticed the huge problem of wine wastage. The UK alone pours out 50 million litres of wine annually. Tom searched for a solution but found that the wine preservation products on the market were either ineffective or very expensive. In 2012, after filing a patent, Tom developed an innovative design concept that displaced air within a decanter, preventing oxidation and delaying spoilage. However, the valve needed further development and industry experts had doubts. Fortunately, the Innovate UK government grant allowed Tom to develop over 60 prototypes, test them in the laboratory, and develop a detailed manufacturing design. Six years on, eto, meaning 'again' in Welsh, is a beautiful and durable decanter that is easy to use, store and maintain. It successfully preserves wine and allows wine lovers to enjoy their favourite bottle of wine again and again.

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