The Park Brewery, 1637 Pilsner Lager

The Park Brewery, 1637 Pilsner Lager

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  • Type: Beer
  • Style: Pilsner
  • Alcohol: 4.4%
  • Country: England
  • Region: Richmond
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Park Brewery was formed in 2013 by husband & wife duo Josh and Frankie, following successive home brewing sessions. After a year of testing styles and trialling the beer with friends and local pubs, the beers proved to be very popular. Shortly after, Josh and Frankie made the leap by securing a space near Richmond Park to continue their brewing adventure to a larger scale. Although they are now operating beyond their nearby community, they are not about mass production, and their primary focus remains on producing high-quality beers with great flavour and aroma.


Award winning deep golden Bohemian-style Pilsner beer. Munich, Pils and Carahell malts provide a smooth and sweet base for the noble spiciness of the hops. Lagered for six weeks for a smooth and clean finish.

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