Our Commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our dedication to excellence goes beyond our exceptional wines and spirits.

We are deeply committed to corporate social responsibility, sustainability and upholding our core values across our entire operation.

As part of our global responsibilities, Friarwood is committed to ensuring our own business and supply chain meet the highest standards for employee welfare.

Our Values

At Friarwood we have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusivity, reflected in our leadership team and the variety of nationalities within our team.

We aim to promote a culture of equality and to empower women in the industry. Our leadership team is 80% women, and our team of come from all over the world, and 11 different countries. This helps give us a global perspective, enhancing the company’s understanding of different markets and our ability to adapt to global changes.

Our diversity not only enriches our team's collaborative environment but also broadens the company's approach to business, enabling it to remain flexible and responsive to the needs of its diverse clientele.

Through these values, Friarwood fosters innovation, creativity and a deep understanding of both global and local markets, while ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for both employees and customers.


Friarwood’s sustainability policy is both thoughtful and impactful, focussing on supporting small suppliers around the world and practising environmental stewardship in our operations. By partnering with small-scale producers, Friarwood helps sustain and stimulate local economies, providing these businesses with a platform to thrive and grow in a global market. This approach not only aids in maintaining diverse and vibrant local industries but also promotes sustainable practices within the supply chain, with many of our suppliers practising organic or biodynamic wine making.

We are also committed to reducing waste in our own operations. For example, we recycle or reuse all carton and wooden boxes to minimise our environmental impact. We are contunally reviewing our practises to reduce waste and conserve resources. We are committed to responsible operations, ensuring that our success is not only measured by sales and profits but also by our positive contribution to the planet and its communities.