Friarwood Fine Wines: Exclusivity and Affordability

Friarwood Fine Wines: Exclusivity and Affordability

More than 50 years ago, a young man’s passion became his business. With ties to several top names in Chateaux, Peter Bowen set off to provide the UK with the finest wines from the most famous estates in the Bordeaux region of France, eventually creating Friarwood. Now owned and run by protégé Ben Carfagnini and his wife Auriane d’Aramon, the passion and vision for fine wines is alive more than ever.

From the tabletops of the UK’s finest dining, to the cellars of avid collectors, Friarwood Fine Wines have penetrated the market, providing enthusiasts with the hottest picks of the fine wine market. Through constant market analysis, they’re on top of what’s trending - bringing unique selections to businesses and individuals alike.

Bordeaux and Beyond

Bordeaux is still renowned as one of the best wine regions in the world. A drive through the hilly terroirs is filled with rich history and wine’s most notable evolutions. However, Bordeaux is far from the only region to produce robust flavours.

Among places of prestige like Spain and Italy, Australia and Argentina are on the rise among wine drinkers. For years now, Friarwood has expanded its reach across multiple borders to create a list of exclusives for the most curious of clients.

Redswhites, and unique blends crowd the list, most of which even the most avid wine drinkers haven’t heard of. These exclusive picks come from a long-term (and tasty!) hunt for the world’s most luxurious wines.

Mingling with winemakers, Friarwood has made lasting connections, to bring the UK a taste of wine in the best regions, including those from remote areas that grow exquisite vines and bottle only limited bottles each season.

They have worked endlessly to improve the wine market in London, aiming to drive down prices, increase supply, and continue to fuse technology into the mix to stay agile with their growing online presence.

Recent Collaborations

Perhaps one of the most notable collaborations as of late is that with Reva, a wine producer in the Italian hills of Piedmont. Their production of fresh, easy-to-drink reds spoke to the buyers at Friarwood, with a clean and new-age freshness that immediately got them hooked.

Now that the days are warming and the sun is finally coming out to play, rosé from the South of France is sure to be a big hit, marking the pages of Friarwood’s exclusive collections.

Apart from collaborations with winemakers in France, Friarwood has been busy taking their business global, expanding into Canada, Bulgaria, Chile, and more, working to make their selections more ample and keep them available for wine enthusiasts throughout the UK.

Must-Try Friarwood Exclusives 

From those with a refined pallet to those new to the wonders of wine, Friarwood has a little something for everyone. They’ve made it their mission to diversify their exclusive selection, with a few must-try bottles you don’t want to miss.

2020 Domaine De La Croix Belle, Les Champs Des Grillons Rosé

Type: Rosé

Style: Sippable, fruity, lightly sweetened flavours

Country: France

Region: Languedoc

Link to purchase: Here

We know it’s not about what’s outside of the bottle but, we can’t help but be swooned by the packaging. The light-pink hue of the Rosé pairs perfectly with the crystal bottle and gold accents, creating a look of luxury.

Pressed from grapes grown on the slopes of the Cevennes, you won’t find an abundance of sweetness but instead hints of fruits, spices, and brightness.  Pair this tasty aperitif with light creamy cheeses, buttery seafood, or just sip alone under the sun.

2020 Villa Folini Prosecco Millesimato Spumante DOC

Type: Sparkling wine

Style: Bubbly and light

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Link to buy: Here

As you pour, the bubbles protrude from the glass, revealing whiffs of pear, grapefruit, and golden apple. With the most subtle hint of tartness, this prosecco can’t help but make you smile, perfect for toasting with the ones you love.

This wine is produced from 100% estate vineyards, with growth dating back to the 1920s. It made a hit with both British and American soldiers during World War II, and it’s sure to be the hit of the party today, with flavour combinations you can’t help but crave.

2014 Vega Caledonia, Rioja Reserva

Type: Red

Style: Smooth yet Bold

Country: Spain

Region: Rioja

Link to buy: Here

Bodegas Najerilla goes through a rigorous selection process when it comes to their grapes and places emphasis on every single detail. Tucked into Spain’s most well-known wine region, wines from this vineyard are robust in flavour and unique in complexity.

In the glass, the aromas of vanilla and oak hit the senses before the crimson dark fruits hit the tongue. At first taste, it explodes, fishing off lightly with elegance.

Have a Taste

While many of these wines sound great, they’re better enjoyed when drinking. All of the senses work together when drinking wine, intermingling to create a unique experience for each individual. Friarwood Fine Wines can help you find your perfect match (or matches!) with help from a wine tasting.

Expert wine team members are there to guide each taster along, helping them find the flavours that they can’t resist. Tastings are offered both at wine shops in Parsons Green and Wimbledon Village and at locations chosen by tasters, making it the perfect excuse to get friends, family, and/or colleagues together. 

Apart from scheduled tastings, Friarwood offers wine tasting events too, so be sure to check the website often. It’s a fun chance to get to meet the team, taste the wines, and do something new and exciting involving some of the UK’s most exclusive wine selections.

Expand your Collection (And your Palate) 

While most wine importers only focus on the bottom dollar, Friarwood is thinking about quality and exclusivity. The ability to provide the world’s most exquisite wines for all those who love to sip them is a joy that current owner, Ben Carfagnini, seeks to continue.

Through his business abilities, expanding global ties, and craving for quality, affordable, exclusive wines, he’s leading Friarwood toward greatness; and there seems to be no end in sight. Be sure to check out Friarwood exclusives online or visit one of two retail spots to drop in for a taste.

Whether you’re just starting to get into wine or have enjoyed it for years, you’re sure to find something new and fun to add to your collection.