Celebrate Easter with Traditional Meals and Perfect Wine Pairings

Celebrate Easter with Traditional Meals and Perfect Wine Pairings

Easter, a time of renewal and celebration, brings with it an opportunity to gather around the table with loved ones, with fine food and wine. This week, we explore three traditional Easter main meals and their perfect wine pairings.

We hope this helps elevate your Easter feast to new heights and impresses all of your guests! 

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Easy Easter Canapes

For starters, why not try a selection of light Easter canapes to impress your guests, paired with Per Se Aperitivo to start your Easter celebrations.

Easter canapés offer a wonderful opportunity to showcase the flavours of Spring in bite-sized delights, perfect for starting your celebration with a touch of elegance and creativity. Here are some delightful Easter canapé ideas that are sure to impress your guests:

  1. Smoked Salmon Blinis with Crème Fraîche and Dill: Mini blinis topped with a slice of smoked salmon, a dollop of crème fraîche, and a sprig of dill. These are not only visually appealing but also offer a lovely balance of flavours— the smokiness of the salmon, the tanginess of the crème fraîche, and the freshness of dill.

  2. Asparagus and Prosciutto Filo Bundles: Tender asparagus spears wrapped in crispy filo pastry and prosciutto, then baked until golden. These bundles are a nod to the seasonal produce of Spring and offer a satisfying contrast in textures. Serve with a side of hollandaise dipping sauce for an extra burst of flavour.

  3. Pea and Mint Crostini: Fresh peas mashed with mint, lemon zest, and a bit of Parmesan cheese spread on toasted slices of baguette. This simple yet flavourful combination captures the essence of Spring and provides a refreshing, light start to your Easter gathering.

  4. Deviled Eggs with a Twist: An Easter celebration wouldn't be complete without eggs. Give your deviled eggs a gourmet twist by incorporating unique fillings such as avocado and lime, smoked paprika and chorizo, or even a touch of caviar for an opulent finish.

When planning your Easter canapés, consider a mix of flavours and textures to keep the offering exciting and varied.

Pair them with Per Se Aperitivo, served on the rocks (with ice), or as a Per Se & Tonic to get your Easter meal off to a flying start.


The Main Course: Three exquisite dishes with perfect wine pairings.

Roast Lamb with Bordeaux

The Meal: A classic Easter centerpiece, roast lamb is revered for its tender, flavourful meat, often accompanied by rosemary, garlic, and a hint of mint. This dish embodies the essence of spring, offering a rich, savory experience that's both comforting and celebratory.

The Perfect Pairing: A full-bodied Bordeaux red, particularly from the Left Bank where Cabernet Sauvignon reigns supreme is the quintessential companion to roast lamb. The wine's robust tannins and deep berry notes harmonise with the lamb's richness, while its subtle hints of oak and herbs echo the dish's seasoning. For an unforgettable pairing, look for a Bordeaux with a balance of power and elegance capable of cutting through the lamb's fat and complementing its flavours beautifully.

Try: Chateau Batailley 2008

Chateau Batailley 2008 Bottle

A perfect pairing Paulliac is a classic go-to with roast lamb. This example from Chateau Batailley is exceptional. The name is derived from the battle (bataille) that took place where the chateau and vineyard are today during the Hundred Years War, around 1453. This vintage offers crisp, bright red fruits; pepper and cassis on a medium-bodied palate, with velvety tannins thanks to the bottle age. 

Salmon en Croute

The Meal: Salmon en Croute is a classic dish where a whole salmon fillet is encased in pastry along with flavourful fillings such as spinach, herbs, and sometimes a rich layer of cream cheese or mascarpone. The pastry locks in the moisture of the salmon, ensuring it cooks to perfection, while the fillings add depth and complexity to the flavours. Once baked, the pastry becomes golden and flaky, offering a delightful contrast to the tender, flavourful salmon within.

The Perfect Pairing: For Salmon en Croute, a Chablis from Burgundy, France, stands out as an excellent pairing. Chablis is renowned for its crisp acidity, minerality, and subtle citrus notes, which harmonise beautifully with the salmon's richness and the buttery pastry. The wine's clean and bright profile cuts through the dish's fuller flavours, providing a refreshing counterbalance that enhances the overall dining experience. Chablis' unoaked character allows the delicate flavours of the salmon and the pastry to shine.

Try: Chablis 1er Cru Ellevin Vaucoupin 2021


This excellent Premier Cru Chablis from Ellevin will elevate your Salmon en Croute or other oily fish dishes to the next level. A radiant golden hue captivates the eye. The nose is alluringly expressive, revealing elegant hints of citrus, sweet pea, and a lively zest. On the palate, indulge in a refined and velvety texture, enhanced by an exceptional yoghurty framework. This wine offers a seamless blend of vibrant minerality and a lingering, graceful finish.

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni with Barbera or Dolceto.

The Meal: For a vegetarian twist on Easter dining, spinach and ricotta cannelloni is a hearty, comforting option. The creamy filling, encased in tender pasta and topped with a rich tomato sauce, offers a complex layering of flavours that's both satisfying and sophisticated.

The Perfect Pairing: To accompany this dish, two lighter Italian red wines stand out for their ability to complement without overwhelming the flavours of the cannelloni. 

Dolcetto, known for its low acidity and mild tannins, Dolcetto offers flavours of black cherry and licorice, with a slight almond finish. Its fruity profile and soft nature make it a lovely match for the spinach and ricotta cannelloni, as it does not overpower the dish's subtleties.

Barbera, another cherished Italian red, is characterised by its higher acidity and vibrant cherry and plum flavours, with hints of herbs and spices. This wine's lively acidity cuts through the richness of the ricotta and complements the tomato-based sauce, enhancing the overall flavours of the dish.

Try: Cascina Ebreo Rosso


This red wine is a real treat, combining Barbera, Dolcetto and a bit of Nebbiolo  (the grape used in Barolo) for an incredible all-rounder that combines all the best characteristics of these three iconic grapes. Deep, red fruit, slightly jammy, on the aromas, with a savoury edge. The palate shows the same red fruit, fresher, with a hint of wet earth, balanced acidity and soft, dusty tannin which coats the palate on the finish. Very impressive; this drinks like a wine double the price!

Easter Dessert: Chocolate Flourless Cake with Vin Santo

After savouring the main course, it's only right to end your Easter feast on a sweet note. For dessert, a rich and decadent chocolate flourless cake promises to delight your guests. This dense, silky cake, with its deep chocolate flavor, serves as an indulgent finale to your Easter meal.

The Perfect Pairing: The perfect desert wine to accompany this chocolate marvel, a glass of Vin Santo, Italy's cherished sweet wine, provides a harmonious match. Vin Santo, with its amber hue and complex flavours ranging from honey and caramel to dried fruits and nuts, elegantly complements the deep, cocoa richness of the cake. The wine's sweetness and viscosity pair splendidly with the dessert's intensity, while its acidity offers a pleasant contrast that refreshes the palate, making each bite as indulgent as the first.

Try: Tenuta Fanti, Vin Santo Sant'Antimo 2014


An excellent pairing with chocolate deserts, the Fanti Vin Santo offers a very aromatic nose with ripe fruit aromas such as dried apricot and raisin, with notes of honey and walnut. The mouth is rich and complex with aromas of dried peach, raisin and caramel balanced with a refreshing finish. A perfect way to finish your Easter meal.

To recap.

Easter is a time for indulgence, reflection, and joy. By carefully selecting wines that complement and enhance the flavours of your Easter meals, you can create a dining experience that's both memorable and deeply satisfying. Whether you're serving a traditional roast lamb, a delicate salmon, or a comforting vegetarian option, the right wine pairing can transform your meal into a magical event.

Cheers to an Easter filled with good food, fine wine, and the company of loved ones.