Sash & Fritz Vodka
Sash & Fritz Vodka

Sash & Fritz Vodka

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  • Type: Vodka
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Country: Germany
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Originating from Germany, Sash & Fritz combines German precision with traditional vodka methods to create an exceptional wheat vodka full of flavour. Quintuple filtration and distillation combined with 100% German wheat and clear spring water from the Ore Mountains, are processed into top-quality vodka with no unnecessary additives.


Sash & Fritz is a vodka with flavour. Yellow fruit and citrus meet a subtle sweetness, a hint of salt and a slightly tart finish. The delightful flavours linger long on the palate. A vodka that is absolutely not neutral.


Sash & Fritz is excellent in all vodka cocktails. Try in a Martini, or mix things up with a German twist on a classic Mule cocktail. Great in a Bloody Mary too!


This multi award-winning vodka challenges our perception of vodka as a neutral spirit, with an exceptional flavour profile and incredible attention to detail.

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