Tromba Cafeto Coffee Liqueur
Tromba Cafeto Coffee Liqueur
Tromba Cafeto Coffee Liqueur
Tromba Cafeto Coffee Liqueur

Tromba Cafeto Coffee Liqueur

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  • Type: Liqueur
  • Alcohol: 35%
  • Country: Mexico
  • Region: Jalisco
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Tromba Cafeto Coffee Liqueur is the brainchild of master distiller Marco Cedano, a product that embodies a steadfast dedication to tradition and innovation. This high quality coffee liqueur is the ultimate combination of 100% agave Tequila Tromba and artisanal Mexican grown coffee, with a touch of agave nectar and natural botanicals. For this product, Tromba developed their own proprietary cold brew tequila extraction process that uses tequila instead of water to extract the coffee's natural flavour, with no concentrates or artificial flavours added.

Tromba Cafeto is a perfectly balanced coffee liqueur, perfect on the rocks, as a shot or in your favourite coffee-based cocktails. You'll find exquisite notes of toasted coffee and chocolate, with a touch of tobacco leaves, cooked agave and honey. A freshness is brought through hints of lemon and orange zest, as well as pineapple and mint. 

Tequila Tromba is a testament to the relentless spirit of its master distiller Marco Cedano. Transcending convention, Tromba mirrors the energy of the summer rainstorms of Los Altos, an area known for its superior agave. Each sip is an expression of Marco's unwavering dedication to craft, precision, and his own trailblazing journey in tequila making. The brand not only offers premium tequila but takes a bold stance towards environmental responsibility. The Endangered Agave Program is their commitment to restoring endangered agave populations, and their innovative Bagazo upcycling initiative is a step towards reducing environmental impact. Tromba embodies quality, heritage, and sustainability.

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