2021 Saxenburg, Private Collection Pinotage

2021 Saxenburg, Private Collection Pinotage

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  • Type: Red Wine
  • Grape: Pinotage
  • Style: Mature and Earthy
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Country: South Africa
  • Region: Polkadraai Hills
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Adrian & Birgit Bührer took ownership of Saxenburg in 1989, trading their familiar surroundings of Switzerland for the Cape Winelands. They changed their familiar surroundings of Switzerland for a dilapidated homestead in the Cape Winelands. Today, the estate is run by the second-generation Bührer Family custodians: Fiona and Vincent. Their ambition is to shine a light on the Polkadraai Hills appellation in Stellenbosch, as it is one of the most exceptional terroirs in South Africa. Together with a passionate team, they produce thought-provoking wines.


A much lighter, but superbly elegant style than most commercial Pinotage, this wine truly represents the wonderful site on which the vineyard is planted. The fruit character is mixed with of red cherries, and raspberries, but also darker blueberries, and blossoms, with a faint whiff of damp soil earthiness.


Seared duck breast or duck confit is a true match for this complex elegant red.


Found in great numbers in the region, the guinea fowls that adorn the Saxenburg emblem have become symbolic of their winemaking philosophy, and it’s now the heart, the mind and the soul of Saxenburg.

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