Mackmyra, Svensk Rok Amerikansk Ek

Mackmyra, Svensk Rok Amerikansk Ek

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  • Type: Whisky
  • Alcohol: 46.1%
  • Country: Sweden
  • Region: Valbo
  • Characteristic: Peated
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Mackmyra began as an idea formed by 8 friends on a skiing trip in 1998 - each had brought a bottle of malt whisky to share, and the topic of conversation turned to how whisky is made, and why there wasn't a Swedish one... the result is Mackmyra Svensk Whisky, which first began distilling at the end of 1999. They began with a small 100litre copper boiler at the Bruk mill, which gave them only 30l of whisky per distillation cycle. This was the inspiration for the small 30l casks the distillery uses today - smaller casks result in faster maturation. Production was expanded in 2002, but remains very small by international standards. Swedish oak is used extensively, and there is a consistent effort to ensure that Mackmyra whisky exemplifies a specifically Swedish character in their whiskies. A large proportion of their barrels are stored in the disused Bodas Mine.

Svensk Rok - Swedish Smoke - is inspired by the tradition of seasoning and preserving food by infusing it with juniper smoke. This addition of dry juniper notes to the more tradition whisky flavours of peat (sourced from local peat bogs in the area around the distillery) results in a remarkably delicate peat-smoke character. This limited release sees extended ageing in new American oak (Amerikansk Ek) casks, which add an extra richness, along with vanilla and tobacco flavours. A superbly balanced expression, with delicate smoke, rich Bowmore-like peat and a smooth, rounded finish.

Stunning neat. Better to chill the bottle than add ice.

Limited release; the regular Svensk Rok release with extended ageing. The extra time in barrel adds enormously to the experience.

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